Christopher John Joseph Reimer

Musician, artist, dude, friend, solid, fresh


Chris Reimer by Nick HeldermanMember of bands Veritas, Beneath These Idle Tides, Azeda Booth, Women, Church of the Very Bright Lights and Gold. Played instruments for countless other Calgary acts over the years. Guitarist for The Dodos in 2011.

Chris also developed a body of compositions of ambient music, including The Chad Tape, which was released posthumously by his girlfriend Rena Kozak with help from Chad VanGaalen and Ian Russell at Flemish Eye.

Other creative outlets included designing and building effects pedals and recording and producing other groups. In addition to guitar and drums, he also dabbled with cello, bass and piano.

Chris Reimer by Rena KozakTouring and performing took Chris across Canada, the United States, and many countries in Europe playing in venues such as the Prima Vera Festival, SXSW Festival, Sled Island Festival, the CMJ Music Marathon and, in November 2011, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, in which he appeared with Neko Case and The Dodos.

Chris’ artistic talents extended beyond music: he was involved with dance performance as a youth, and he created a collection of mostly unseen drawings, photographs and writing as a young man. Chris’ early training in dance and music was integral to his development as a professional artist.


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Solo work

  • Chris Reimer
    As Chris Reimer:

    2010 - 2012
    Solo ambient recordings

    » Hello People (2018, posthumous)
    'Hello People' is a sometimes confrontational, at others warm and intimate, and always deeply personal document from a multi-faceted artist, compiled from a huge range of recordings spanning lush four-track projects to raw phone memos. Veering from ambient guitar-pedal soundscapes, to delicate acoustic melody and all the way to drone noise experimentation, 'Hello People' takes the listener through an experience of composition and creation from the mind of a deeply talented spirit whose vision was cut short all too soon.
    Available April 19, 2018. Pre-order now!

    » The Chad Tape (2012, posthumous)
    This limited edition cassette tape is created from a series of tracks that Chris had been working on compiling for several months after Chad VanGaalen got a new tape duplicator and offered to run some tapes off for Chris of his solo ambient work. The cassette has sold out, but digital downloads are available for you!
    » Crimes (MySpace page)
  • As The Exercises:

    Chris released a short run disc of his solo metal project The Exercises somewhere around 2006. Many pals received a hand-delivered copy.
    You can listen to the tracks on » The Exercises MySpace page.

Group projects

  • Gold

    2011 - 2013
    » Losing Your Hair 7" EP (Mammoth Cave) (2013, posthumous)
    This four song EP was recorded by the late and much beloved Chris Reimer of Women, who was also our drummer on these recordings. These recordings were then compiled after his death as a tribute to him.
  • Church of the Very Bright Lights
    Church of the Very Bright Lights:

    2010 - 2013
    » Gang Crimes (2013, posthumous)
    Recorded in 2010, mastered in 2013.
  • Women by Lindsay Baker

    Studio Albums
    Public Strain (Flemish EyeJagjaguwar, 2010) Women (Flemish Eye / Jagjaguwar, 2008)
    Women / Cold Pumas / Fair Ohs / Friendo Split 7″” (Faux Discx, 2011)
    Pitchfork Presents: A Three Song Live Special (Feb 2011)
  • Azeda Booth
    Azeda Booth:

    Studio Albums
    Mysterious Body
    (EP) (5-tracks, Independent, 2007)
    Pink and Lime
    7-inch Single (Independent, 2008)
    In Flesh Tones
    (Absolutely Kosher Records, 2008)
  • Beneath These Idle Tides
    Beneath These Idle Tides:

    Studio Albums
    This Night Is For You (Down Records, 2005)
  • Veritas

    Studio Albums
    black dark/black cold (Down Records, 2004)

As producer

Tributes, influences, threads and mutations

A music community is not unlike a multi-celled organism in a constant state of evolution. Cells split off, mutate, and reform. Influence spreads at a cellular level.

It is our humble opinion that Chris Reimer left a mark on everyone he met, whether through his skills on the guitar, his understated yet rapidfire wit, his humility, or his gentle, easygoing nature. Below is an inexhaustive list of bands and projects by Chris' friends and former bandmates, including work created in memory of him.

All My Favourite Singers are Willie NelsonAstral Swans

All My Favourite Singers are Willie Nelson (Madic Records 2014)

Astral Swans (aka Matt Swann)'s "Park Street" contains a sample of Chris Reimer's "Truck Middle."

Child ActressChild Actress (formerly Cats)

Milking a Dead Cow (Demo preview)

Rena Kozak's solo project is hauntingly, heartbreakingly beautiful.

Cindy Lee Act of TendernessCindy Lee

Tatlashea (Isolated Now Waves, 2012)
Act of Tenderness (CCQSK Records, 2015)

Former Women guitarist Pat Flegel's current project has been called a "fucked up noisy masterpiece."

The Dodos CarrierThe Dodos

Carrier (Polyvinyl 2013)

"Though Reimer doesn’t play on Carrier, he’s a spiritual and musical inspiration that guides Meric Long and Logan Kroeber throughout, an incorporeal third member that still holds the most influence over the record’s direction." - Pitchfork

Clinton St. John The Minor ArkhanaClinton St. John

The Minor Arkhana (2014)

The sounds of The Minor Arkhana are reminiscent of the golden quality of late afternoon Alberta light in the spring, or the taste of bourbon in the back of the throat. Check out Reimer tribute tracks "Moth on a Drift" and "Boat on Fire."

Chad VanGaalen Shrink DustChad vanGaalen

Shrink Dust (Flemish Eye, 2014)

VanGaalen's fifth studio album is as iconic, psychedelic and esoteric as ever.

Viet CongPreoccupations (formerly Viet Cong)

Viet Cong (Flemish Eye, 2015)
Preoccupations (Flemish Eye, 2016)
New Material (Flemish Eye, 2018

Preoccupations is former Women members Matt Flegel and Mike Wallace, with Scott Munro and Daniel Christiansen. They have a mighty sound.