Chris Reimer Legacy Award

established 2013 at Mount Royal University Conservatory

Music training as a youth

Bat Boy pit orchestra Music is, of course, where it all began.

The Reimer kids were raised on a steady diet of prog, classic rock and jazz — The Beatles, The Doors, Hendrix, Miles Davis — with the steady rhythmic pulse of dad Tim pounding on his Premier kit in the basement. Pop and motown rounded out the musical diet — we did lots of dancing to Michael Jackson in the kitchen. With talented musicians on both sides of the family, it was perhaps inevitable that we'd have a budding genius on our hands.

Chris got his first guitar at age 10. He started private lessons right away at Sak's Music, excelled in junior and senior high jazz band, and even played pit with his dad in a Mob Hit Productions (2005) showing of the musical Bat Boy after high school (pictured).

Summer jazz camps were one of many highlights in Chris' musical education. We were familar with the high quality of the jazz program at Mount Royal University, and knew of many of the instructors from the local music community. The Mount Royal University Conservatory was our first choice for our idea of a music award in Chris' memory. Happily, they liked the idea too.

Chris Reimer Legacy Award

The CHRIS REIMER LEGACY AWARD will be awarded to a student who completed the Conservatory Summer Jazz Intensive at Mount Royal University and who is a promising jazz student, 14 years or older, with previous experience. Preference will be given to a guitarist or drummer.

Students will submit applications for this award. This award will be presented based on the following criteria:

  • Financial need
  • Extracurricular activities and employment
  • outstanding artistic performance during the summer workshop and strong musical potential


Logan Fillo

Mira Riselli, bass

Michael Callander, trombone

Niel Bonnet, saxophone

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Special thanks to Rubim de Toledo, Jean-Louis Bleau, Braydon Epp and the Mount Royal Conservatory

  • Dance training for youth

    Our yearly donation to the Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Children's Bursary Program allows a boy from Connaught School to attend a summer dance camp.

  • Projects

    We have all been touched, humbled, and honoured by the responses to Chris and his music that have continued to reverberate since his passing. Each of us has also undertaken our own projects in response to his life and art.