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He was the easiest dude to get along with. I didn’t meet a single person who didn’t like him. On top of being super easy-going and funny and relaxed, he was a really intense musician. He had a crazy discipline. Usually people tend to think creative genius goes along with being a dick [laughs], but it’s not the case. — Meric Long
Carrier is the sound of starting over, of finding your footing after the world has shaken you to the core. It’s the sound of revisiting something after a life-altering experience and not seeing it in exactly the same light. It’s the sound of returning to the life you had before, only to find that it’s not the way you left it—that it’s been forever changed somehow. It’s the sound of getting your bearings and settling down, of going back home, only to decide that something different needs to happen, even if it’s minimal or subdued or transitory. The Dodos’ tried-and-true approach and execution is far too strong and compelling to abandon, but by amending it ever so slightly on Carrier, they’ve realized something worth documenting. And it’s certainly worth listening to. — Paste Magazine

The crater-sized hole left by Chris Reimer’s passing continues to be felt by everyone who knew, loved or listened. As the not-so-secret weapon behind Women’s spidery guitarmonies, he inspired a new generation of golden Calgarians and sprinkled magic dust throughout the subterrain. However, Chris was also an accomplished experimentalist, as heard on cuts like “Woodbine” from Women’s self-titled debut and an iridescent solo set captured live at Weeds Café. — Jesse Locke
We’re shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of Women guitarist, Chris Reimer. Chris’ virtuosic playing is one of the many reasons we fell in love with this band in the first place. If you were lucky enough to ever see them play live, you know what we mean. Always calm and collected while shredding. So much fun to watch. All of that aside, Chris was an incredible friend. He was one of the warmest and funniest people we’ve been lucky to know and work with. As sad as this is, it’s hard to not smile when thinking of him. Our love and support goes out to Chris’ family and friends. So so much love for you, Chris. — Jagjaguwar