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We have all been touched, humbled, and honoured by the responses to Chris and his music that have continued to reverberate since his passing. Each of us has also undertaken our own projects in response to his life and art.



Throughout his time collaborating with other musicians, Reimer was also a solitary creator with a passion for ambient, noise, and drone sounds. He would spend countless hours spinning together listless guitar notes, subtle waves of washing sounds, or loops of glitches and distortion. Reimer also had an excitement for electronics and their manipulation of sound, frequently constructing his own effects pedals and synthesizer circuits. Noise making was his driving force and he longed to eventually compile a full album from his plethora of material.

Chris Reimer passed away unexpectedly and peacefully in his sleep at his home on the morning of February 21, 2012 of a possible heart condition. His close friends and family, knowing of his desire to release his ambient work as well as the perfectionism which had prevented him from doing so in his lifetime, began to listen to his extensive archive of solo works.

Over the past five years, Reimer’s family and close friends have been filtering through his extensive catalogue of recorded work spanning nearly a decade and are thrilled to finally present this double LP collection to the public. Hello People is a sometimes confrontational, at others warm and intimate , and always deeply personal document from a multi-faceted artist, compiled from a huge range of recordings spanning lush four-track projects to raw phone memos. Veering from ambient guitar-pedal soundscapes, to delicate acoustic melody and all the way to drone noise experimentation, Hello People takes the listener through an experience of composition and creation from the mind of a deeply talented spirit whose vision was cut short all too soon.

Pre-order today! Pre-orders of the album will ship out before the release date of April 19, 2018.


Legacy Bricks at the National Music Centre King Eddy Space

Chris Reimer Legacy Bricks at Studio Bell When we found out that the National Music Centre was selling authentic bricks from the original King Edward Hotel (aka famous blues venue the King Eddy) to be mounted in their Studio Bell, we jumped at the chance to engrave Chris' name on a wall. 20 of our friends and family members chipped in and helped make it a reality.

2013 - 2015

Dude, That's Insane Animation project

The dear folks at Quickdraw Animation Society approached us in fall 2013 with an idea, inspired by listening to The Dodos “Confidence.” What about a collaborative, animated tribute to Chris, they said, noting in particular how Chris possesed a rare talent for inspiring those around him to new creative heights. They asked our permission to proceed. Hell yes! we said.

Made thanks to all the animators (in order of appearance):

Ben Jacques, Ryan Von Hagen, Francesco Van Der Zwaag, Chad VanGaalen, Heather Kai Smith and Neal Moignard, Kiarra Albina, Tyler Longmire, Andrea Hoff, Norma-Jean Harvey, Robert Starratt, Laura Leif and Dana Schloss, Brian Batista, Brandon Blommaert, Sonki Sharar, Bradley Lewter. And a million thanks to Peter Hemminger, Laura Lief and the Quickdraw crew.


Gold Album Release

Gold Losing Your HairMammoth Cave Records released the 7” Losing Your Hair EP.

From the inset:

We started recording these songs in January 2012 with the intention of spending a couple of months demoing all of our material in preparation for a full length studio album. Our drummer, Chris Reimer, had brought over his beloved 4trk cassette deck, small mixer, and collection of microphones and we spent some days and nights together playing with gear. On February 21th 2012, Chris passed away unexpectedly in his sleep of a previously undiagnosed heart condition. This EP is an archive of the four songs we had completed with Chris on the drums and the console, and is dedicated with so much love to him and the inspiration he filled us with.
You can download the album on Bandcamp.


Photo show at MOCA as part of the Sled Island Music Festival

Christopher J.J. ReimerSociety Director Marc Rimmer, Chris’ best friend, curated Christopher J.J. Reimer, a show that presented a collection of photos of Chris by various people in his life, alongside his ambient recordings, guitar amps, and a can of Lucky beer (his favourite). We also auctioned off a series of photos taken by Chris himself throughout his travels, included a dyptich that now hangs at the Local 510 pub in Calgary. The auction and evening raised nearly $3,000 towards the fund.

Special thanks to Paisley Sims, MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary) and Sled Island.

Release of The Chad Tape

The Chad TapeChad VanGaalen approached Chris some time in 2011 offering to reproduce a cassette tape of Chris' solo work. Chris started work on this but passed away before completing the project; on his computer, we found a folder of music titled “The Chad Tape.” Chris’ girlfriend and Society Director Rena Kozak mastered and released the tape, with help from Flemish Eye records, to significant fanfare, including writeups on, Rolling Stone online,, and critical acclaim on various music blogs and publications. Though the tape has sold out, you can still purchase and download a digital copy on bandcamp.

Special thanks to Rena Kozak, Ian Russell and Chad van Gaalen.

Fundraiser and book launch of I Don’t Feel So Good

I Don't Feel So Good Book LaunchElizabeth Bachinsky, a Vancouver writer and poet, published I Don’t Feel So Good (BookThug), in Fall 2012, which she dedicated to Chris' sister Nikki. Liz decided to make the Vancouver launch of the book a fundraiser for our fund. Chris’ friends Jaime Cullen (Church of the Very Bright Lights, Solo), Morgan Greenwood (Azeda Booth, Solo) and Don L’Orange (The Doers, Total Ice) agreed to donate musical performances, and various publishers and labels donated swag for raffling. The event raised $900, which was donated directly to the Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Children’s Bursary Program on behalf of the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Bachinsky, Dina del Bucchia, Sean Cranbury, Talonbooks, BookThug, Todd Cote and Leafy Green Booking, The Dodos, Anvil Press, Poetry is Dead Magazine, Broken Pencil Magazine, Event Magazine, W2 Community Media Arts, and Flemish Eye.

Memorial blog

Memorial blogMany people wrote in with wonderful memories, photos and videos of Chris in the early days after his passing.

  • Dance training for youth

    Our yearly donation to the Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Children's Bursary Program allows a boy from Connaught School to attend a summer dance camp.

  • Chris Reimer Legacy Award

    This cash award is given to one promising music student who completes the Conservatory Summer Jazz Workshop at the Mount Royal University Conservatory, with the aim of encouraging them to continue their music career.