Christopher John Joseph Reimer (1986 - 2012)

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Chris Reimer on stage wearing a Mutators shirt

Musician, artist, dude, friend, solid, fresh

"Something wonderful. Something you will never forget."
Meet our guy Chris.

Self portrait drawing by Chris Reimer


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"Watching him play would leave one stunned that he could make a guitar sound so otherworldly." — Ian Russell, Flemish Eye

In addition to his otherwordly talents on the guitar, Chris was unfailingly generous, loving, loyal, humble and kind.
It is our hope that his art and his generosity may live on through our work.

  • Dance training for youth

    Our yearly donation to the Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Children's Bursary Program allows a boy from Connaught School to attend a summer dance camp.

  • Chris Reimer Legacy Award

    This cash award is given to one promising music student who completes the Conservatory Summer Jazz Workshop at the Mount Royal University Conservatory, with the aim of encouraging them to continue their music career.

  • Dude, That's Insane

    "Seventeen animators, ranging from indie veterans to first-time artists, were each given a pair of Chris’ drawings to bring to life however they saw fit. The result is a freewheeling, patchwork project that is at times irreverent and anarchic, and also meditative and reflective."

  • Hello People

    Veering from ambient guitar-pedal soundscapes, to delicate acoustic melody and all the way to drone noise experimentation, Hello People takes the listener through an experience of composition and creation from the mind of a deeply talented spirit whose vision was cut short all too soon.
    Release date April 19, 2018.
    Pre-order now.

  • The Chad Tape

    Trust yr. Reimer.

    "Wondrous, resonant, sonorous beauty from an agile, captivating mind. A musician through and through letting the ideas spool out, gather and envelop the listener with such tenderness and kindness."

  • Discography and Tributes

    All of his music, plus links to music, art, and video tributes to our guy.

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    Coverage of Chris' life and music.

  • Credits

    Gracious thanks to all who've helped us along.

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